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Master Bathroom Inspiration & Design

December 5, 2016


For the last month, Zach and I have began the renovation of our master bathroom. For most of these weekends, we have been gutting the room to the studs. During that time, I’ve been constructing potential design concepts for this small bathroom. Above are just a few bathrooms that I’m drawing inspiration from – clean subway tiled shower, white shiplap walls, hints of
warmth with green floor tile and a wood vanity. Below is the design with these elements and so far, it’s been coming together so nicely!


Besides gutting the walls, floors, shower, removing the toilet & vanity – Zach has also fixed bad plumbing and damaged subfloors, created a waterproof shower frame, rewired electric outlets, re-drywalled, and tiled the floor. (Shout out to my Dad for the help on the plumbing!) Our hope is that in little over a month we’ll have this project completed!

Den Renovation (Inspiration + After Photos)

November 6, 2016

The Inspiration

den-inspirationWhen we lived in Grand Rapids, I loved our 100 year old house, but there was definitely a struggle with designing a space that leant itself to a certain era. Especially when a lot of the work we did to that house was superficial, I always felt like I was just trying to “make it work” when we renovated each room.

I find myself falling more in love with our Colorado home than I ever did with our American Foursquare home in Michigan as I’ve gotten a chance to push my creativity and create a home from scratch.  The den was the first room we’ve ever truly “gutted” so this was also the first time I had a chance to design an entire room exactly how I wanted it. Above are just a few of my favorite inspiration images that helped in the initial design process of our den renovation. The feel: minimal, a little rustic, with a dash of mid mod. It is my version of a Scandinavian cabin.

The Reveal

den-reno-2With the wood burning stove and large windows as our focal point for this room, we wanted to split the room in half, similar to how the previous owners had arranged it. Considering we had doorways and windows to compete with, it really left only so many avenues to rearrange furniture for the optimal view outside and allowing space for walkways. We chose to put the sectional close to the fire and TV and leave the other half for a quasi-office. den-reno-6Once the slate tile and walls were finished, I knew I had to do something about the horrible boob lights. I had been eyeing all the amazing and expensive lights from Cedar & Moss, especially their Alto Surface series, but knew we could never justify purchasing these. So naturally I did what I alway do – DIY it. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t very hard at all to replicate these beauts when I found A Beautiful Mess’s blog post for a similar look. I was able to make both of these for under $140! den-reno-3As the search for the perfect sectional continued, I happened to score an amazing find on craigslist… a 7 foot cactus for $60. For those who don’t think that is a steal, go to any nursery and I dare you to find one that tall for under $500. I instantly brought in our snake plants to add more greenery to our beetle kill pine ledge and a co-worker sold me her beautiful Kevin Russ prints to complete the “moment.” den-reno-8den-reno-7After waiting for a few months our couch from Scandinavian Designs finally arrived! I brought in this super inexpensive chunky jute rug to ground the area and began to think about the killer wood stump I got off of craigslist and how I could turn it into a beautiful coffee table. den-reno-5The desk was yet another craigslist purchase (I seriously do not know what I’d do without craigslist) that instantly helped bring the room together. For some reason it took us forever to decide on a stupid desk chair, but eventually we just purchased one from Amazon and called it a day. den-reno-14den-reno-4Once we finally got a free weekend, Zach and I started working on the wood stump coffee table. The bark had to come off, so I delicately chiseled away the sides of the stump until most of the bark was gone. To even it out, Zach had to chainsaw one side as level as he could. I then took a planer to even out the top before grabbing a hand sander to finish off the rest. After a few hours of hand sanding, Zach drilled holes in the bottom to install wooden dowels with a little wood glue. I finally got to my favorite part, sealing the wood. I love how quickly the grain and colors come out once you start this process. After a few coats I called it good and added our brass caps to the bottom of the wood dowel legs after it was all dry. By far, my favorite DIY to date! den-reno-10 The den has now become a place where we can relax in the evenings and congregate with friends. Now all we need to do is wait for winter to finally enjoy the best part of this room – the fireplace! den-reno-12 den-reno-11den-reno-13

Eventually I will have to paint our door out to the backyard, but besides that, I’m SO happy with how it turned out. It’s just the right amount of simple + cozy that I love. What do you think?

Den Renovation (Before Photos)

It’s been over a year since we moved into our home in Denver and I’m excited to finally share the hardest and the most rewarding transformation – our den. With the openness of the room, I saw potential in it instantly when we first did our walk through. Now for the ugly part – the before photos! img_0006The pro’s – we fell in LOVE with the wood burning stove, windows overlooking our backyard, skylights, open feel, and the cool little ledge that we threw all our photos on once we moved in.

The con’s – I HATE carpet, especially when it’s a beige color that just looks dirty all the time and has burn marks from the stove! What else? The brown trim, off white paneled walls, boob lights, the ugly hearth stone, and the fact that they had installed copper piping as a curtain rod.img_0010 img_0011We first started off with the easy tasks: pulling out the carpet, removing the trim, outlets, copper curtain rod. img_0033We then moved onto the heavy lifting: taking out the stove, smashing up and removing the hearth stone, and pulling out all the paneling. img_0187 img_0190

I really started to feel the room come together once we installed the new drywall, rewired our outlets, and I got to paint all the walls my favorite Super White color by Benjamin Moore.img_0210 img_0211 img_0215With a concrete slab, we shied away from our normal choice of putting down hardwood floors as we didn’t want to deal with any potential cupping issues, so tile was the next option. I had envisioned black slate tile and spent hours trying to find just the right look. It had to be durable, polished (but not high gloss), and within our budget. After scouring the internet, we finally checked out our local Floor & Decor where Zach found this amazing slate tile that had just a hint of blue tint to it. I went back and forth between several tile colors for under the stove before going more “fancy” with a polished marble mosaic look. So tile laying commenced after we installed the DITRA and with the help of my father got the tile laid in just two weekends. img_0241

I think one reason why this project was so intense, as aside from the intense tile laying in the dead of winter, was that we were pretty much replicating the same work in the dining room, right next door to the den (those photos to come along soon). Stay tune for the inspiration and after photos of my favorite room in our house!