Master Bedroom Reveal

October 16, 2016

master-bedroom-final-3Wow guys, it’s been a while. I’ve been meaning to post the after photos of our bedroom, but with my training for the Leadville 100 taking precedence, the blog had been put on the back burner way longer than I imagined. Now that my training is over for the year, it’s time for more blogging! If you remember this post about my inspiration and our before photos of our bedroom, I talked about how I had envisioned a very minimal bedroom for us… well it has been done for many months and I’m excited to finally share the after photos with ya’ll. master-bedroom-1master-bedroom-final-reno I love how the acacia floors we put in are almost the exact match to the rest of the living room floors that were installed by the prior owners. I now feel like the main living space has a more cohesive look with the same flooring throughout and not chopped up by the dirty carpet. We finally bit the bullet and purchased a real bed frame after we moved in last year. Such an adult purchase, but one I hope will last years! I repurposed our old side tables and painted them black to match our other accents like our amazing ceiling fan and sconcesmaster-bedroom-final-5master-bedroom_4 We had kept some left over wood from when Zach had built our dining room table and I felt like our bedroom needed that touch of rusticness to it, so I put together this simple DIY table that helps bring together our small mountain gallery wall. master-bedroom-final-6With the bed centered under the window, I always felt like the space on either side was super awkward when it was left bare, so I found these beautiful lanterns and bought some brass chain from Ace Hardware to hang them from the ceiling. One has a huge air plant in it from Ironwood, and the other has a white candle in it. Since the lanterns were a little pricey and I wanted to depart from my need to have symmetry in every room, I ended up doing another DIY inspired from this post on the right side of the bed. So easy and cheap! master-bedroom-final-7Of all the design elements in this room, I had the hardest time picking out a rug, which shouldn’t surprise me by now since almost every room that I’ve decorated in this house or in our Michigan home, finding the “right” rug always stumps me. I wanted to bring in more color, but didn’t want it overly loud, so I decided to go more the “traditional” route with this navy rug that coordinated with our our navy linen duvetmaster-bedroom_6Overall, the design is relatively simple and clean, which creates a very stress free atmosphere. What do you guys think? This was one of the first rooms we had officially finished this year, so I’m stoked to share how the rest of our house is progressing as we’ve come a long way since February!

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