How to Make Cashew Cream

January 6, 2016

how to make cashew creamThere is something about the fresh starts that come with a new year that undoubtably reinvigorates my drive. What is it about the New Year that makes all of us want to be our best, to start new projects, and kick those bad habits? Is it that we feel like our slates are clean, that this year will be different than the last? Or is it the need to jump on the bandwagon and make some sort of improvement to our selves like everyone else? I’d like to believe we all innately want to make improvements and the New Year allows us that chance to jump start those goals.

My theme to begin this year is driven by the Busy Boycott, a challenge to eliminate the overwhelming need to “be busy.” I’m optimist that by joining this 21 day challenge, a year of stress free living will hopefully ensue, allowing my true passions to come to life.cashew cream 2Experimenting with cooking has always been one of those favorite passions. After receiving the Homemade Vegan Pantry cookbook for my birthday, I knew I wanted to test out every recipe for those essential staples. First up, cashew cream!cashew cream 5 This versatile staple can be used for savory or sweet dishes. I’ve used the base of this recipe in different ratios to make cashew “cheese” for nachos, mac ‘n cheese, and cheesecake. It’s perfect for any pasta dish or soups calling for heavy cream as well. cashew cream 6Obviously this cream doesn’t taste exactly like it’s dairy brother, but it has it’s own richness and creaminess, along with added benefits of healthy fats, magnesium, and other key minerals. cashew cream

Cashew Cream – recipe from Homemade Vegan Pantry

3 cups water

1 cup cashew

Place water and cashews and in high speed blender – blend until creamy and smooth!

Do you feel the same way for the start of a new year? Shout out your top goal // bad habit to kick for 2016!

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