Our New Colorado Home

November 8, 2015

Colorado HomeThe journey towards “finding home” translates very differently for all folks. For me, I’ve come to the terms that home is sacred; I have to have a place of my own that equates stability, quietude, and overall relaxation. As we have slowly settled into our new place (only to rip it all up again a week later) I couldn’t help thinking that after three years in our last home in Michigan, I had never felt as comfortable as I did that first week in our Colorado home. Maybe it had something to do with the size (this new place is about half the square footage and much cozier), that the projects will not take us three years to accomplish, or the fact that I don’t have to try to bend this house to match my taste… looking past all that, I really think it’s about a new perspective. We are putting down these roots that we hope will last a long time, that this place will be here for us as basecamp while we spend time outside of it going on grand adventures.

Below are photos of our new place prior to closing with the previous owner’s belongings. It’s already been well over month, but it’s already been transformed quite a bit. Can’t wait to share more soon!IS5uauju4oyax10000000000ISpp85utt8ok830000000000IShv76cpsps0s20000000000IS9p5utiohk3s20000000000IS1zz50yjjtox10000000000IShb4u0bsz9jx10000000000ISp1aiuvwx0yr20000000000ISph66jhw7igx10000000000IS9d4htgls7q830000000000IShj6tbnp0gn830000000000ISlmvhzkb3dux10000000000IS1725bahkzs830000000000ISt00ts3dcrv830000000000ISdov4sq4wa1930000000000 ISluxgax84jy830000000000ISdgt5he7v4xx10000000000 ISxbrgrdwfu6930000000000

*Photos by Cherry Creek Properties LLC

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