Weekend Adventures // Chicago Lakes Basin

October 25, 2014

Weekend Adventures_Summit Lake_3

One exceptional perk about living in a city like Denver is that you are never in want of vistors. Since I moved out here at the end of June we’ve had seven friends and family members come out to the land of adventure, with promises of more to follow. It’s when friends make the effort to fly halfway across the country, spending their hard earned money and vacation just to see me for a few days do I start thinking about how blessed I am to have the friends and family I do. I won’t pretend that I have a ton of friends, because I don’t and I rather keep it that way. But the friends I do have are precious. They are a constant source of strength and grace. They have been with me through a variety of life crisis’ and I know without a doubt, they will be there for the long haul. This past weekend, one of my closest friends from Grand Rapids, MI came out to run a marathon and explore Denver. Despite having a big race that weekend, Hol was all game for doing a long hike through the mountains. The day before she was to run 26.2 miles, she hiked over 10 miles with Zach and I to Chicago Lakes Basin. This was no easy hike either. Considered “strenuous” to most hiking reviews, we ended up doing a far amount of climbing and scrambling up the side of a mountain.

Weekend Adventures_Summit Lake_2

Weekend Adventures_Summit Lake

Heading home, I thought to myself how sore I was from this hike… how the hell was Holly going to run a marathon the next day if she felt anything like I did?! She told us she didn’t care, it was worth it to see the sights we did, to get out into the wild. I think it’s when we have that attitude that amazing possibilities happen. Like Holly almost setting a new personal record the next day – at altitude, with sore legs! Without a doubt, Hol is someone who has a soft strength. Someone who doesn’t declare her toughness for the world to see, she is calm and collective, and I believe that is just one thing that makes her beautiful.

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