Weekend Adventures // Birthday Brunch

November 22, 2013

They tell you you’re supposed to make a wish on your birthday. The cake arrives with candles randomly place amongst thick colored icing; each flame marking the years of your life. At seven, I wished to be nothing more than a Disney princess. At 16, a car, so I didn’t have to ride the bus to school anymore. At 21, a new boyfriend was all I wanted. If maturity is measured by your wishes, this year I think I’ve grown up a lot. For my 27th birthday, all I wished for was a weekend spent with my lover, some great friends, and good brunch. 
Wish granted. 
You can’t do brunch without home fries. They are my jam. Slathered with ketchup or hot sauce, these crispy taters never stay around for long. Brunch isn’t complete without something sweet to nibble on in between coffee slurps. I haven’t made muffins in a while, so maybe I’ve forgotten or just have progressed in my baking abilities, but I was so impressed how easy these vegan banana walnut muffins came together. 

Moments spent around our dinner table that morning consisted of storytelling, awkward pauses, lots of mimosas, and mouths full of food. Eventually the conversation turned to running, something everyone of us have in common. It’s a comfortable place to be, surrounded by runners. Brunch and runners, that’s what I want for every birthday. 
That and more mimosas.  

Gotta give props to Kelsey for thinking to add the orange juice to my original pear mimosa recipe. It jazzed it up a notch and to be honest, tasted way better than just the pear by itself. 
Pear & Orange Mimosa
 pear nectar
orange juice
 lime, cut into slices
You can either buy pear nectar or make your own. 
To make your own, peel and core about 4 cups worth of pears. Puree the pears in a food processor. In a saucepan add 3 cups of water, 3/4 cups of sugar, and the pureed pears. Cook on medium until the sugar is well dissolved and the pears have cooked down some. Pour out the mixture through a sieve to strain out the lumps. Pour in a jar and store in fridge. 
To make your drink – fill your glass halfway with champagne, top the glass off with half pear nectar and half orange juice. Squeeze and drop in a wedge of lime. 
Then get your brunch on. 

One thought on “Weekend Adventures // Birthday Brunch

  1. Dearna @tohercore

    Oh, that brunch sounds just perfect! You would get along well with my boyfriend – he’s also adamant that brunch isn’t brunch without some kind of tasty, crispy potato! Hope you had a lovely birthday x


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