Weekend Adventures // Olympia XC Reunion

August 8, 2013

Friends are pretty dang hard to find. 
I’ve been living in Grand Rapids for over 2 years and it amazes me that the people I’m the most close to are rarely ones I’ve met here. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m out of school and honestly don’t make time to pursue new relationships… or maybe it’s because I’m just happy with a very small group of folks I call friends. 
Thru high school and college, running is where I’ve met the most amazing ladies – they are gals who just get me; or rather put up with me. So I can’t express how floored I was when some of my oldest high school running mates decided to make the trek to Michigan this summer. Years have gone by, but the instant they walked up to our front door, it was like I was back in high school. 
I gave them just taste of West Michigan by heading out to Grand Haven for a 10k race; of course we had to make a stop to the beach. Sitting out on the pier with these ladies, I thought about how natural this felt, like we had done this many times over. This is what true friendship feels like. 
True friends embrace each other’s views on life. They constantly want to learn more about you and genuinely listening to you, even if these views don’t align perfectly with their own. To hear my friends openly ask questions about my lifestyle and eating habits, while not judging me in the slight, reassured me that these ladies are keepers. My gracious guest allowed me to cook for them vegan meals that weekend. Filling our bellies, we laughed and teased each other as we rehashed the ridiculous high school memories that will never die. 
Thank you Tiff, Jill, and Becky. 
You have no idea how much the time spent with you meant to me. 
Love you. Till next time. WTVeganVacy2014!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures // Olympia XC Reunion

  1. Sara Gerard

    This looks like an absolute blast! I am loving all of your instagram pics of all of the food you have been posting lately too. I am glad that you have kept in contact with these ladies!

  2. Katie

    I skimmed the pictures and then went back to read the entry. When skimming, I thought, “Hey… I know those people!”

    Yes. It is good for hte soul to have long-time friends with you! Glad they could all come up and you could be together.


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