Weekend Adventures // North Manitou Island

June 14, 2012

I couldn’t have thought of a better way to celebrate the first year of marriage to my best friend, than by hiking thru the wilderness and soaking up the sun on the beaches of North Manitou Island. This past weekend was one that will not be forgotten – making us realize how vital it is to get away and focus on the important aspects of our lives – our relationship, our health, and our earth.

Removing all the “noise” in our daily lives, we spent the weekend hiking, reading, talking, 
and just absorbing the beauty around us. Dips in the lake were taken and deer sighting occurred.
I even ran around the entire island, despite the abundance of poison ivy and garter snakes that
lurked at every turn. And without a soul for miles around us, the silence was refreshing. 
After such a killer trip, Zach and I are already talking about plans for next year. 
I highly recommend touring the island if you are in the northern parts of Michigan. 
Do you camp? Where is your favorite spot? 

5 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures // North Manitou Island

  1. Caitlin Johnson

    Hey Kate! We’ve been talking about hiking North Manitou for a while. You had me all but convinced, until you mentioned the snakes! Perhaps it’s still worth it :-). We’ve loved hiking the Manistee River. Have you ever been? Beautiful sights, camping anywhere, and not too far from GR.

  2. Rlutz

    Sounds like an absolutely amazing weekend!! When I was little, I went to camp in Newago Michigan and we used to go camping and hiking on South Manitou Island.


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