DIY – Raised Garden Beds

April 26, 2012

One reason Zach and I were so adamant on getting a house with a decent sized backyard was 
so that we could plant a garden and live off of the earth. Growing up on a farm, I value the art 
of gardening and getting that much closer to the land you live on. Living in the city, raised
garden beds were the perfect choice for us. 
Here is what you need: 
Also a level is important if you want your garden beds to be even! 
Zach made our garden beds a little more complicated, so this is the “easier” version. 
1. Decide how big you want your garden bed to be. We made both of ours 4’x8′.
2. Make sure that no part of the bed is more than 2′ from the edge of the bed, this will 
make it so that you can easily tend your garden!  
3. Cut (4) 4′ boards and (4) 8′ boards. 
4. If you are wanting to secure the bed, you will want 4″x4″ posts – cut these posts about two
 feet long. These 4″x4″ post will be the four corners of your garden bed. 
6. Cut four more posts that will serve as additional support, being put in the middle of each board.
7. You may need to dig out the perimeter to make sure your beds are level. Dig just over a foot down 
for where the posts will go.
8. Take your two 8′ boards and position them one above another.
9. Fasten a post into each side of this 8′ board (like the above photo) and in the middle.
10. Repeat this to the other two 8′ boards as well.
11. Repeat the same process with the 4′ boards expect place the post in the center.
12. Secure one 8′ piece into the ground, be sure level it out before filling in all the dirt.
13. Secure the board with some soil for the time being. 
14. Place one of the 4′ pieces so that it is perpendicular at the end of the 8′ piece that you just 
secured. Fasten into either the post, deck boards or to a Jerry-rigged 2″x4″… like we did!  
15. Repeat step 12 with the other 4′ piece. 
16. Place the last 8′ piece into place, making sure everything is aligned and level. 
Secure into place with plenty of screws. 
17. Add dirt, worms, your favorite veggies, some sunshine and rain! 
So excited to plant the seedlings that have been growing on our front porch into the beds. 
Stay tune for more photos on the progress of our backyard. 

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  1. Lucy shelly

    ‘Absolute right you are! It’s a tough job to manage enough places for gardening in a tiny area of home but it’s essential for a healthy life to live in a nature. I think obtaining your excellent ideas it can be possible to create a ‘raised garden’. Thanks for your contribution.


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