Run Away

April 12, 2012

I’ve always thought of most of my daily runs as as way to escape, to disconnect. It’s a place where 
the cares of the day slide aside and all I need to focus on is the path ahead. With jam packed days, 
running is a moment I get to myself; to reflect, de-stress, and unwind. 
It’s where I run away. 

Running is a huge part of my life and my career. It’s worked it’s way down deep into my being, becoming a hobby I couldn’t live without. I’ve missed blogging about this passion and the experiences it brings. It’s been about a year since I stopped posting on my old running blog, Run Miss Runner Runnington, and I’m happy to bring some of that back here. Giving you a glimpse of my running experiences, training tips, and of course awesome running gear. 
Here is to running away! 

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