Before & After: Ottoman

April 4, 2012

I found out the hard way that reupholstering is serious business… that someone with little sewing 
experience can easily get overwhelmed. Yelling at the sewing machine is bound to happen and money 
will be wasted on cheap fabric. But aside from all that, the results are something that will always make
 me smile and fill me with a sense of accomplishment every time I pass it. 
Ottoman from an Estate Sale: $15
Fabric (1 yard): $21.00
Cotton Batting: $8.00
Thread: $4.00
Cording: $0.36
Total: $48.36
I didn’t want to spend more than ten dollars on fabric (yeah I know, I’m cheap), but after the first and second trial with really chintzy and horrible fabric, quality material sounded pretty good. With this reupholstering job came loads of teaching points for future projects. 
1. Invest in quality fabric
2. Document how a piece is assembled when you take it apart
3. When frustrated, step away from the sewing machine
4. Write down all measurements before going to fabric store
4. Buy lots of stuffing! 
Even though it took 10x times longer than I wanted it too – I got a one of a kind ottoman for under $50. 
And that’s legit. 

6 thoughts on “Before & After: Ottoman

  1. mom

    The fabric makes the ottoman. A blessing in disguise by messing up with that chintzy stuff. It’s one of a kind pieces like this that will make a room. I’m so proud of you Lainey!

  2. Sara

    You did a great job Kate! I can’t even imagine…lol. Something on my list of things to learn in the future. It really did come out quite lovely 🙂


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