Sportswear as Everyday Wear

February 29, 2012

Hey there! I want to say thank you for all the positive feedback from my last sportswear to everyday wear post. I have been thinking about how to better incorporate my career and love for an active lifestyle into my blog for a while… and you all reassured me that I was on track. So on with more of these posts! 
One staple for any runner to have is plenty of half zips. In the winter time they are usually complemented with a waterproof jacket and/or a nice warm base layer. For causal wear, I like to pair them with a cardigan or jacket. And if you score a half zip with thumb holes, you can ditch the gloves on a sunny winter day! Bonus!     

Cardigan: J.Crew
Half Zip: Asics
Cords: J.Crew
This weekend was perfect to explore our wonderful city, grab some Rowster Coffee beans, and antique shop way more than expected. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen our manly workbench bar that we scored. I can’t wait for our dining room to be complete so I can share photos of it with you all! 
So who is going to bust out their half zips and mix them with a casual outfit? 

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