Alt Summit & Outdoor Retailer Adventures

January 25, 2012

To be able to combine two of my favorite passions; blogging and running, into an intense trip to Salt Lake City; only good things can result. Alt Design Summit just happened to be the same time and same place as Outdoor Retailer… and since I work for a killer company, they let me go to both! Meeting so many talented individuals at both events, absorbing valuable information, and learning the ways of a buyer in the running industry impacted me in more ways than I imagined. So much wisdom to register, some of which has got me reevaluating my part here at Heart Full of Daisies… but more of that in a later post.  Here are just a few snapshots from my trip! 
Photo booth for Wilson Art HD at Alt, taken by Dave Brewer
With Kait & Phoebe
My awesome roomie, Kait, from Yuppie Love

“Swayed” art
Root chips & panko crusted tofu pesto slider from Chow Truck
A relaxing meeting with the beautiful Lole woman. 

6 thoughts on “Alt Summit & Outdoor Retailer Adventures

  1. Sara

    Wow, it looks like you had a great time! The food looks awesome too 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my last post, I am totally down for motivating each other! Your blog helps inspire me to eat better as it is, I need a good running plan! I am excited to live a healthier life and start running again.

  2. Haylee

    Woah woah woah. You mean you were in Salt Lake and you didn’t come visit ME!? That’s messed up Kate. ha no just kidding but I really do wish we would have met up one of the days you were here. Oh well I guess that gives you another reason to come next year right?
    By the way that white dress you are wearing is ADORABLE. Seriously where did you get it?


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