It’s Raining

November 23, 2011

It’s raining…
The random tapping of droplets has an immediate soothing effect. 
It’s odd how comforting rain is while you are inside, but makes you regret it as soon as you step outside. 
At the moment I’m wishing it was this past Sunday so I could be outside enjoying the weather and wearing this outfit again. But since it’s Tuesday, I’ll settle for joining some good friends for a drink downtown. 
Nothing like good conversation and a local brew to make up for a cold, wet day.

How to do you escape dreary, cold, wet days? 
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3 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. Sarah

    I don’t escape the dreary, cold, wet days, haha. I just plunge into them and tend to wear vibrant colors as if I am pretending they don’t exist. I love all the grey & blue action going on in these photos and this outfit of yours, I must admit. And I always look ridiculous in hats like that, so I’m a little jealous.

  2. Kelley

    Cold wet days make ALL of us here is AZ happy. They don’t come around often, so when they do, we play outside in the cold and the rain haha. I love blue and gray for winter, wonderful outfit 🙂


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