Vintage Meets Modern – Guest Post by Susi

October 6, 2011

Hi guys! I’m out in Chicago working the Nike Expo booth for the Chicago Marathon!
So in my absence Susi, a writer from Arcadian Lighting, will be sharing on how vintage and modern can make a beautiful combination in any living space.  Founded in 2002, Arcadian Lighting started selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products. Visit their website and cool blog for more information! 
Something magical happens when vintage meets modern. Vintage and modern are a stylish pairing that feels very 2011. Gone are the days when a room’s style must fall into one style and one style only. Mixing it up creates the magic that happens with good design. Here are eight rooms that have a magical pairing of vintage and modern. Enjoy!

Vintage and Modern Design
Sweetie Pie Style via
The clean lines of the Parsons desk mean it will work with a number of styles, including both modern and vintage. Love the vintage black painted French armchair.

Vintage and Modern Design
Delight by Design via
An Eames rocker adds a modern touch to this elegant vintage living room. The white color palette unifies the disparate style furnishings into one cohesive look. We adore the ceiling light that is fixed in the middle of the room.
Vintage and Modern Design
Mi Casa Revista via
Another modern classic, the Tulip table by Saarinen, works well with modern, vintage and traditional chairs. Love it paired with the vintage French side chairs in white.
Vintage and Modern Decor
Daisy Pink Cupcakes via
A modern slipcovered sofa is mixed with a vintage bench covered in shiny black patent leather, and an oversized chandelier—a perfect light fixture for this chic living room. The shiny black material is a modern twist for the vintage bench.
Vintage and Modern Decor
Rearranged Design via
This vintage style bathroom gets a nice dose of modern style with a graphic wallpaper. Classic fixtures like a pedestal sink can stand up to more modern design elements.

Vintage and Modern Decor
Pinterest via
The Victorian wrought iron table base is unexpected in this contemporary space, but it works. The ornate curves of the table are a nice break from the minimalism.

Vintage and Modern Design
Apartment Therapy via

Vintage yellow lamps and a vintage mirror hung above the sofa add vintage charm to this modern living room. Mixing in traditional style vintage pieces is a great way to soften the straight lines of modern furniture.

Vintage and Modern Design
Delight by Design via
When mixing vintage and modern style pieces, choose a focal point. In this case the vintage trunk becomes the focus while the ghost chairs take the background.
Mixing and matching decor items such as furniture and light fixtures can be fun! For more magical finds and interior inspirations, make sure to check out Arcadian Lighting!

2 thoughts on “Vintage Meets Modern – Guest Post by Susi

  1. She is Sara

    Hey Susi! I adore this post because this is exactly how I want my home to look. A little country-vintage with sweet modern pieces. This post validates all of my furnishings coming from thrift stores and Ikea 😉


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