Chevron Chair

September 8, 2011

So do you want to know why I think I have the best mom in the world? 
Because she took this worn old chair…

And gave me this.

After scouring Pinterest for fabric inspiration, I decided that I wanted the chair painted a bright white and have a vivid yellow chevron pattern put on it. I didn’t think my Mom would be able to find the exact fabric that I pinned…but I’m pretty sure she did. Mom, you rock.

Cute! Super cute!
And we had enough fabric to do a second chair that Mom got for $1.00 – giving me a chance to practice reuphostering the chair cushion…because I know I will be doing this again.  Reupholstering a chair similar to this is incredibly easy. As long as you have fabric and an electric staple gun, you can do it!

Have any of you tried to repurpose some kind of furniture? How did it turn out?
I’d love to see before and after photos!


12 thoughts on “Chevron Chair

  1. Kristine Freshour

    I don’t remember that chair looking that bad! Haha – what fun seeing these pictures. Can’t wait to start on the next one. Love you.

  2. Lindsay

    the day my mother bought me a staple gun was the day my life got so much easier! ha! Except I’ve been know to change out the upholstery on my bar top chairs depending on the season. call me crazy 😉

  3. KateLainey

    I know! I’m actually going to reupholster my bar stools b/c they are ugly green pleather-like…maybe I’ll do a “how to diy” post on them when I get to it. 🙂

  4. Rlutz

    Your mom rocks!! Love the pattern and colors. Many of the chairs in our home we reupholstered and painted…such an easy way to give new life to something!

  5. Haylee

    Oh my heck Kate, this. is. AMAZING. You’re mom is a genius! She should open up at Etsy shop or something. I’m not even kidding, I would so buy that. Major props to Mrs. Lainey, I’ve very impressed.
    Reupostering furniture scares the crap out of me or else I would try.. haha


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