Bulter’s Pantry

August 5, 2011

At an early age, my mother instill within me an adoration for novels and shows depicting life from the early and late 19th century. Reading Wuthering Heights, Pride & Prejudice, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and watching The Count of Monte Cristo and Masterpiece Theater all influenced my love for things of old. So when we found our house and realized it had a bulter’s pantry in it…I immediately thought of these stories and how I’d always have a piece of the old ways in my very own home.
Considering the tenants that lived in it prior, the pantry was kept in descent shape. Tons of spiders and traces of mice were found…so after much cleaning, scraping, spacking, and painting, I have got it to look and feel a ton better.  Eventually we’d like to refinish the wood and brass pieces, but here are the results thus far! 
This skylight is another great feature about this room.
I actually don’t mind the wallpaper in this room. Since we are overloaded with tons of other projects, removing this and painting the walls is definitely not on the top of our priority list.  If I did paint this room, I’m leaning towards a really neutral, light color since there is so much wood.  What color would you guys suggest?
This room also has more cabinets, a big window, and a nice wood counter top that you can’t see in the photo. My vision – to have a little window garden of herbs, hanging air plants by the skylight, and a nice cookbook stand on the counter top.
Mom and I got a lot of work done tonight…hopefully we’ll be finished priming the ceilings and walls in the dining room, living room, and den by the end of the weekend! 
Aside from working on the house, I’m pretty stoked for this weekend. Zach and I are finding time to catch up with a few college friends for a mini reunion and on Sunday I get to do a photo shoot with two lovely bloggers. More details to come later. šŸ™‚ 
Have a lovely weekend! 
-Kate Lainey

5 thoughts on “Bulter’s Pantry

  1. Lindsay

    Looks gorgeous girlie! I’m so jealous you are nesting!!! I love the feeling šŸ™‚ I stopped in this store yesterday when I went shopping with my grandma in Brainerd, MN and saw some gorgeous shabby chic mirrors and lamps that I couldn’t stop drooling over. i totally thought of you too! Something about that look that I’m just in love with šŸ™‚


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