What’s in Season – Asparagus!

May 27, 2011

About this time last year, I came across Barbara Kingsolver’s book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  Her book delves into the trials of her family attempting to live a year purely off of local produce and what they could grow in their backyard.  Barbara discusses a wide variety of topics aside from eating locally, some in which I agree and others in which I have taken with a grain of salt.  Overall, Barbara inspired me to become more conscious about eating local and seasonal foods, along with provoking questions like why the food industry has gotten to such an awful state. Eating seasonally is hard, especially when our grocers provide any kind of food imaginable, all easily within our fingertips, at anytime of the year.  Since reading her book, I have tried to take advantage of the local farmer’s markets in my area.  With that being said, I’d like to start a new topic called, “What’s in Season.”  I’ll be discussing what fruits and veggies are in season for Michigan, my farmer’s market finds, meals you can create with them, and any other advantages to eating this way!
Sound good? 🙂

This past weekend I stopped by the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market after my run and quickly picked up some asparagus. These lovely gems came from a farm in Belmont, Michigan and were only $2/lb. Grabbing a pound and half, I was struck immediately by the size of the asparagus heads on these babies.
They were huge!

We ended up mixing the asparagus with red and orange peppers, mushrooms, lemon juice, garlic, a touch of parmesan, and then tossing with angel hair pasta. A delicious and super easy fresh meal.
I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend. I’m heading up to Traverse City for my marathon and we are planning on camping afterwards. I’m excited to check out some vineyards and tour the area since I’ve never been there. Anyone else have fun plans this weekend?

11 thoughts on “What’s in Season – Asparagus!

  1. anna

    wow. that dinner looks amazing! i wish i could cook like you (i first typed that as “look like you” which is also true!!) =) i can’t wait to see more of what’s in season!

  2. Sarah

    I love photos of food that are so colorful. I’m excited for the produce that we are getting in around here! Thank you for sharing. (:

  3. Chloe

    Oh wow I saw you this morning at the Holiday Inn in Traverse City! I ran my first 10k. I found your blog through mutual friends, I know Brian&Mae. Congrats on the Marathon!!! I enjoy reading your blog 🙂

  4. Lindsay Haglund

    Eating in season, and local, is definitely the way to go. I have pretty good pickings being down in FL but my dad up in MN complains all the time. LOL I finally convinced him to get a CSA share this summer and he’s really excited about it now! 🙂 I’m just looking forward to my own mini veggie garden actually producing some results!!

  5. She is Sara

    Oh I am so happy that you made this! My friend and I made a similar meal a few weeks ago! Now I wish that Kyle would try to eat foods like this. 😛

  6. KateLainey

    NO WAY! OMG that is crazy.Hah! Awesome for running your first 10K! It was such a beautiful place to run. I hope the rest of your weekend went well! Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂 It’s such a small world…Brian and Mae are awesome.


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