There’s Too Many Scarves!

February 16, 2011

Who doesn’t love scarves?
If you don’t, shame on you! 🙂
 Okay, if you’re a man, I understand. 
Scarves are such a lovely accessory, one that I have grown to treasure. 
Not only do they keep you warm in the dreadful winters, 
but they instantly turn a bland outfit into a masterpiece. 
The best part, they are usually a inexpensive purchase!
Yay for scarves! But wait…what do you do with all the scarves you’ve now collected? 
I’ve seen and heard several functional ways to store, collect, or hang scarves.  
Here are some of them. 
Good ol’ Martha

Classy Closets
TECHknitting Blog 
I use to hang all my scarves in my old apartment like the picture above.  It was nice because I had a lovely walk in closet with enough room for me to utilize a spare rod for my growing scarf collection! 
In my current apartment, that is definitely not the case. 
Since I like to have my accessories at hand, not stuck away in a drawer for me to rifle through, I threw all my beloved scarves into my grandmother’s knitting basket. 
Functional and Adorable! 
The basket below stores books by my night stand in my bedroom. 
Love the retro vibe and funky colors of this one. 
Do you like this idea or think these baskets would be better served storing something else? 
Where do you store your scarves?  If you like the knitting basket idea, check out these I found on Etsy!

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